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Tustin Building Contractor Attorney Drew Petersen

The Law Office of Drew Petersen represents building contractors involved in a variety of construction related transactions and disputes.

Whether you own a construction firm, or you are a general contractor or sub-contractor, Lawyer Drew Petersen possesses the knowledge required to preserve and protect your best interests and those of your company.

Contact  Tustin Building Contractor Lawyer Drew Petersen to schedule a free consultation by calling (714) 569-0043. Mr. Petersen will meet with you to review your concerns and objectives, and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your legal matter.

Building Contractor Lawyer in Tustin

When people become dissatisfied with any construction component in their homes or commercial building, general contractors become extremely vulnerable to being sued, regardless of whether the focal point of the work in dispute was performed by a sub-contractor.

Additionally, the statute of limitations within which a plaintiff may file suit ranges between 4-10 years, depending on whether the alleged defect was immediately obvious, an individual suffered an injury due to an alleged defect, or the alleged defect was not immediately obvious.

Due to the preceding factors, disputes regarding workmanship can become very complex, and it is essential that you retain a knowledgeable attorney who will fight vigorously on your behalf.

Building Contractors may also become embroiled in lawsuits when transactional disputes arise, a breach of contract occurs, or parties fail to make payment for services rendered.

Tustin Building Contractor Attorney Drew Petersen is a skilled negotiator who will work tenaciously to resolve your legal dispute through settlement negotiations. However, if attempts to settle your matter fall through or fail to result in acceptable terms, Mr. Petersen is a highly experienced litigator who will fight zealously to achieve results.

Contact a Tenacious Tustin Building Contractor Attorney Today

Whether you are involved in a dispute, need proficient and effective representation during the contract phase prior to the start of construction, or want a skilled lawyer to help you file a mechanic’s lien, the Law Office of Lawyer Drew Petersen is here to provide adept legal representation.

Complete our Building Contractor Case Evaluation Form, and Mr. Petersen will call you to obtain additional information and schedule your free consultation.

For immediate assistance, please call Tustin Building Contractor Lawyer Drew Petersen at (714) 569-0043.

Located in Tustin, the Law Office of Attorney Drew Petersen represents clients who work and live throughout the region.