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17581 Irvine Blvd.

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Tustin Business Franchise Attorney Drew Petersen

The Law Office of Tustin Business Lawyer Drew Petersen works closely with individuals who are seeking to become business owners by purchasing a Business Franchise.

A complex area of law, Attorney Drew Petersen worked in the legal department for several national restaurant chains prior to becoming a sole practitioner and possesses a unique understanding of Franchise Law.

Whether you are looking to invest your money in an existing, well-known company or want to become part of a company that is expanding its business by providing ownership opportunities in emerging franchises, Tustin Business Franchise Attorney Drew Petersen has the knowledge necessary to help you move forward.

Contact the Law Office of Tustin Business Franchise Lawyer Drew Petersen at (714) 569-0043 to schedule an appointment for a free, comprehensive consultation with an experienced Business Attorney.

Mr. Petersen will meet with you to thoroughly review your business objectives, and outline the process of becoming a Franchisee.

Business Franchise Lawyer in Tustin

At the Law Office of Drew Petersen, we provide knowledgeable representation to clients who wish to become owners of either an emerging franchise or an existing franchise.

Lawyer Drew Petersen provides the following services to potential franchisees:

Before you sign any documents to purchase an Established Franchise or an Emerging Franchise, it is imperative that you retain the services of a skilled lawyer. Due to the confusing legal language that is used in Franchise Disclosure Documents, Operational Manuals and Franchise Contracts, you may be inadvertently agreeing to abide by terms that are against your best interests.

Tustin Business Franchise Attorney Drew Petersen will meet with you and explain the terms of the Franchise Disclosure Documents in language that is easy to understand. Additionally, he will thoroughly review your rights, duties and obligations under the Franchise Contract, enabling you to make intelligent and informed decisions.

Retaining an experienced Franchise Lawyer who will work diligently to ensure that you understand the complexities of the documents you are signing will reduce the likelihood that you will become involved in a dispute with the Franchisor that may result in litigation.

In addition to providing skilled legal counsel regarding the initial Franchise start-up process, Tustin Business Franchise Lawyer Drew Petersen also reviews Franchisee Renewal documents and will advocate for the most favorable terms possible prior to signing.

Tustin Attorney Drew Petersen also assists new franchisees with selecting the proper entity selection, drafts business formation documents, and can negotiate the terms of a commercial real estate lease for the location of your new Business Franchise on your behalf.

Finally, Mr. Petersen also helps existing Franchise owners end the Franchisee / Franchisor relationships and establish new business ventures.

Call Tustin Business Franchise Attorney Drew Petersen for a Free Consultation

If you are considering purchasing a Franchise, contact the Law Office of Tustin Business Franchise Lawyer Drew Petersen by calling (714) 569-0043 to make an appointment for a complimentary, in-depth consultation.

Conveniently located in Tustin, Attorney Drew Petersen represents business owners throughout the region. Contact Mr. Petersen today to learn how he can put his experience to work for you by safeguarding your best interests during the initial Franchisee process and after your business has become a successful enterprise.