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17581 Irvine Blvd.

Suite 108

Tustin, CA 92780

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Tustin Corporate Law Lawyer Drew Petersen

Welcome to the Law Office of Tustin Corporate Attorney Drew Petersen. A seasoned business lawyer, Mr. Petersen possesses extensive experience representing the interests of Corporations and providing skilled legal counsel with respect to daily operations, business transactions, and business disputes.  

Lawyer Drew Petersen understands the intricacies of Corporate Law and the unique issues that corporations must handle on a daily basis. Mr. Petersen is pleased to provide honest, astute legal counsel and has the knowledge necessary to help resolve any disputes or legal issues that may arise as the result of doing business.

Contact Tustin Corporate Law Lawyer Drew Petersen at (714) 569-0043 to set up a free, in-office consultation with a leading Business Attorney. Mr. Petersen will meet with you to thoroughly discuss your company’s needs, goals and objectives and review the services which he provides.

Based upon this information, Lawyer Drew Petersen will begin working with you to implement a strategy that will not only ensure the continued success of your business, but also help minimize the possibility of disputes and litigation.

A sole practitioner, Mr. Petersen provides personalized representation. When any issues arise that demand the attention of an experienced attorney, your matter will never be turned over to an assistant or paralegal. All communications will be promptly addressed and when legal counsel is required, he will provide you with regular updates.

Corporate Law Attorney in Tustin

The Law Office of Tustin Corporate Lawyer Drew Petersen not only serves as General Corporate Counsel, but also handles a broad range of legal issues that can arise during the course of business, including but not limited to the following:  

Experienced, knowledgeable legal representation is imperative when running a corporation. It’s crucial that you have an attorney who possesses an in-depth knowledge of your business, and knows how to address conflicts and resolve them before they escalate.

Tustin Corporate Attorney Drew Petersen offers General Counsel Services that include providing representation in all transactional matters, vigorous legal representation if your company is involved in litigation, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws.  

Mr. Petersen always works assiduously to protect and safeguard the best interests of your business.

Call Tustin Corporate Lawyer Drew Petersen to Speak Directly to an Attorney

To schedule a complimentary consultation with an experienced Corporate Attorney who will work to protect and safeguard the best interests of your business, contact the Law Office of Corporate Lawyer Drew Petersen today by calling (714) 569-0043.

Conveniently located in Tustin, Mr. Petersen represents Corporations throughout Orange County. Call to learn how Attorney Drew Petersen can put his experience to work for your business.