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17581 Irvine Blvd.

Suite 108

Tustin, CA 92780

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Orange Business Lawyer | Real Estate Attorney

Orange Real Estate Lawyer and Business Attorney Drew Petersen protects and preserves his clients’ rights in a wide range of business and real estate matters in Orange County and throughout Southern California. By representing business owners and companies in addition to individuals, Mr. Peterson guides clients toward the approach which will best achieve their legal goals.

A knowledgeable and skilled Orange Business Attorney and Real Estate Lawyer, Mr. Petersen understands the complex laws regulating business and real estate matters. The Law Office of Drew Petersen is prepared to effectively handle your case whether you are starting your own business, establishing a solid business succession plan, becoming the owner of a franchise, flipping properties, or are needing a litigation attorney for a real estate or business issue.

Contact Orange Real Estate Attorney and Business Lawyer Petersen by calling (714) 569-0043 to arrange your free consultation.

During the initial meeting, Mr. Petersen reviews your legal objectives and offers an honest, up-front analysis of your legal situation. By handling all aspects of each case, Orange Lawyer Drew Petersen provides superior counsel and legal representation.

In addition, Mr. Petersen replies to client communications in a timely manner, and keeps clients informed regarding developments and new facts which may impact the outcome of a case.

Business Attorney | Orange, California

Business Lawyer Drew Petersen is experienced at helping clients choose the best legal option and helping clients understand potential ramifications in a vast range of Corporate and Business Law cases, including those that follow:Orange Business Attorney Drew Peterson

As a knowledgeable Orange Business Formation Lawyer, Business Succession Attorney, and Business Contracts Lawyer, Mr. Petersen has extensive experience working with business owners. He provides comprehensive representation in any business matter, ranging from the initial formation to the dissolution of a company. As a skilled Business Litigation Attorney, Business Franchise Lawyer, Corporate Law Attorney, he offers intelligent and thoughtful legal counsel regarding the day-to-day operations of a business. This includes drafting business contracts and providing critical information to employers in order to minimize any dispute which may result in potential litigation.

Orange Business Lawyer Drew Petersen is an experienced Business Franchise Attorney who understands the unique aspects of a Franchise. He is pleased to help clients become Franchisees while also continuing to assist the client if legal concerns arise between a Corporate Franchisor and the small business owner Franchisee.

For additional information, call Orange Business Attorney Petersen today at (714) 569-0043 and schedule a complimentary consultation in our office.

Orange Real Estate Lawyer | Cost-Effective Representation

Real Estate Attorney Drew Petersen provides knowledgeable, intelligent counsel to clients in Orange, California and throughout surrounding communities. If you are involved in any property matter, it is crucial for you to contact Orange Real Estate Attorney Peters. With experience as a Commercial Real Estate Attorney, Residential Real Estate Lawyer, and Real Estate Litigation Attorney, Mr. Petersen is proficient in all aspects of California’s Real Estate Laws. Mr. Petersen is a skilled Commercial Landlord Attorney, Residential Landlord Lawyer, Real Estate Transactions Attorney, and Building Contractor Lawyer who has experience representing business clients and individuals who are involved in a range of property cases. These include, but are not limited to the matters that follow.Orange Real Estate Lawyer Drew Peterson

If you are involved in flipping properties or houses, engaged in any dispute which may require litigation, or you are a building contractor who is looking for protection of your financial interests, contact Orange Real Estate Lawyer Petersen for the experience and knowledge necessary to help successfully achieve your legal objectives.

Contact Orange Attorney Drew Petersen for your Free Consultation

Primarily dedicated to representing Real Estate and Business clients, Mr. Petersen is proud to provide high quality legal advice and counsel to individuals and business clients in Orange, California and throughout surrounding communities.

A seasoned legal advocate, Orange Business Attorney and Real Estate Lawyer Petersen works diligently while resolving disputes that arise during settlement negotiations. However, when the other party fails to participate in settlement procedures with good faith, or if the opposing side makes unreasonable demands, Mr. Petersen has the experience and skill required to bring your matter to court and obtain results!

Please contact Mr. Petersen by completing the online Case Evaluation Form, and you will be contacted for a free consultation.

For direct access and answers to legal questions concerning business and real estate matters, call (714) 569-0043 and discuss your matter with Orange Real Estate Attorney and Business Lawyer Drew Petersen.


When driving to our office from Orange City Hall, drive east on E. Chapman Ave. Take the 55 South and exit at Fourth St./Irvine Blvd. Make a left on E. 4th St. Turn left on Irvine Blvd. The Law Office of Business Lawyer and Real Estate Attorney Drew Petersen is at 17581 Irvine Blvd.